Rent on the Real: How a 28-year-old dancer found her home on Bunz

May 16 2018, 8:32 pm

‘Rent on the Real’ highlights what it’s like for real people in Toronto to rent real apartments. No million dollar listings here. No three-car garages, or two-floor condos. Just the true stories and struggles that come with finding a place to call home in one of the most competitive real estate markets in the world. 

Nicole Rosove and her boyfriend, Aaron Aquino-Annobil, host the beginner hip-hop dance program, Run The Flex, tailored to adults who want to learn the basics of dance.

Moving in for the first time together one year ago, the couple was looking for a functional yet affordable living space in the west end of the city.

Nicole Rosove and her boyfriend Aaron Aquino-Annobil/Caleigh Alleyne

The search

When Rosove moved to Toronto from Ottawa five years ago, she learned how quickly the rental market moves in the city. On her fourth unit in five years, the idea of buying a home seems far away at this stage of her life while she focuses on her dance career.

Pursuing her passions of being a full-time dance artist, instructor and choreographer (teaching drop-in classes at The Underground Dance Centre and DanceLifeX), it was important for them to find a home near the studio spaces in Toronto. When the perfect condo came up on Bunz Home Zone, she knew they needed to act fast.

The find

The couple wanted to live in a newer building on Queen West that was still affordable, with easy access to the TTC.

In comes Bunz Home Zone.

“When the condo was posted, I contacted the current tenants immediately, and went to see the unit the following day,” Rosove said. “I knew I wanted to move in the second I saw it.”

Rosove appreciated the luxury of renting in a new building that has modern appliances, ensuite laundry and floor to ceiling windows that fills the unit with sunlight in the morning.

Caleigh Alleyne

The details

Name: Nicole Rosove
Age: 28
Occupation: Dance Artist, Choreographer
Location: Toronto, Queen West
Type: Condo
Rent: $1600 + utilities (split with her boyfriend Aaron)

The balance

Developing a budget has helped Rosove track what she needs to earn to sustain her current lifestyle as a freelancer.

She has been able to match her previous salary in marketing now in the creative field and is following her dreams. Most recently, she choreographed a music video for pop artist Sogand adding this new endeavour to her long list of accolades.

Caleigh Alleyne

The future

However, saving for the future is still a priority for them dreaming one day purchasing a home in the city.

Until then, their focus is on expanding Run The Flex throughout Canada and developing together as dance artists.

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