This renovated one-bedroom home on Bathurst is selling for $330K

Nov 4 2020, 2:50 pm

There’s a renovated one-bedroom home on Bathurst Street that’s currently selling for $330,000. In Toronto, that’s a steal.

The home is located on 6 – 1648 Bathurst Street in a co-op apartment. The unit is bright and sunny with it’s own parking and locker.

While the home is small at just 600 – 699 square feet, it offers a possible alternative to the condo lifestyle.


“While co-op buildings and condominiums both have boards, co-operatives have more controlled ownership structures that can affect who rents or buys your property,” Evelyn Anders, real estate agent and director of business development with Zoocasa, told Daily Hive in a written statement.
“When purchasing a unit in a co-op building, buyers should be aware that there are less options for lenders and generally a minimum deposit structure of 20% down, and likely further restrictions for the purchaser to be approved by the co-op board.”

Anders notes that these variables can impact the amount your condo will appreciate over time as there is less autonomy in ownership.

Bathurst home

However, she notes that for those looking for a path to homeownership, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

“It allows cheaper entry into the market, and generally more square footage. Prospective buyers should consider their end goal for the property; if they’re looking to flip a property and make a profit for a new investment, a co-op structure might not be the best choice but if the buyer plans to live in the property, it could be a great option.”

While the home is small, it offers a bright and airy feel, making the apartment appear more expansive.

While the co-op might not interest everyone it can offer you a spot in the very competitive Toronto market.

Bathurst home

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