Somebody just created an epic and entirely edible 504 streetcar

Dec 10 2018, 10:02 pm

This Reddit user has clearly spent a lot of time on the 504 streetcar.

…Making a fully-edible gingerbread rendition of the King Street commute vehicle, that is. One that she has dubbed “the sweetcar.”

Honeythyme, (Olivia, according to Instagram) uploaded an image of the streetcar cookie to Reddit last night.

It’s safe to say that other users are just eating it up.

One commenter wrote, “This is amazing. Hopefully it doesnā€™t stop in the middle of eating it and inform you itā€™s going to be making a short turn. Did you have to make nine 504 Distillery cakes before this one finally came out?

“Sorry, Iā€™m venting.”

Another said, “This is the most Toronto thing ever. Looks great!”

Even the TTC has thoughts about the baked good! In a response to a tweet of the confection, the TTC wrote, “Do you have enough for all of us?!”

Perhaps this streetcar isn’t the fastest or most frequent, but clearly Olivia has a soft spot for the vehicle. She wrote to users in the comments that she takes this streetcar every day, and enjoys the views of the park while en route.

But back to the cookie itself. How does one even begin to create something this crafty?

While a magician never reveals their tricks, Olivia offered a few words of insight in the comments of the Reddit thread.

Olivia G / Instagram

“I crushed clear mints with a hammer so the pieces were really tiny, then sprinkled them into the window holes of the baked cookies. Pop them in the oven for a few minutes and you have glassy candy windows,” she wrote in one comment.

Olivia G / Instagram

“The curved front was dough that I baked over a large round tin can. The round parts almost did me in, so tricky,” she shared in another.

There was probably a lot of experimentation that went into this crafty cookie, but under these circumstances, it’s encouraged to play with your food.

This creative is one to watch, it seems. Just check out the gingerbread Home Alone house she posted last year.

Olivia… you’re so cool.

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