Raptors fan shows up to Jurassic Park with "Trade Lowry" sign, embarrasses himself

Apr 19 2017, 6:00 pm

It’s playoff time. Everyone’s on the bandwagon, and the ACC is full and full of energy. So are bars, restaurants, and Jurassic Park for that matter.

It’s a time to pull together. It’s a time to support your team. It’s a time to… Make a fool of yourself?

That’s what happened on the pre-game broadcast on Tuesday.

Some idiot showed up with a “Trade Lowry” sign that got on TV, as TSN’s Nabil Karim and guest analyst Nik Stauskas of the Philadelphia 76ers looked over their shoulders.

The fan with the sign, whose face is not fully visible in the image above, was piling on Lowry after a disappointing four-point performance in Game 1.

Lowry responded emphatically, dropping 22 points in Game 2, including a clutch jump shot with under 10 seconds left to seal the deal.

Judging by the reaction on social media, “sign guy” did not speak for everyone in Raptors Nation.

Lowry has a player-option on his contract for next season that would pay him $12 million per season. You can make a case for trading him – you can make a case for trading just about anyone – but now is clearly not the time.

With the Boston Celtics down 2-0 in their series and the Cleveland Cavaliers looking human, this could be the Raptors’ best shot at a championship. Maybe save the political statement about your All-Star point guard until after the season?

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