Pornhub's Toronto traffic dropped almost 50% during Raptors' championship game

Jun 18 2019, 12:17 am

The Raptors are so hot right now. In fact, they were so hot that they took away a ton of views from Pornhub last week.

Pornhub Insights has covered traffic changes during the NBA finals a few times now and each time the Golden State Warriors have been included in the data alongside the Cleveland Cavaliers.

According to the popular porn site, they often find that traffic to Pornhub drops down during live sporting events, especially in the cities that are home to the playing teams.

And with that, Pornhub says that Raptor fans were anxious to see their team doing so well as traffic in Toronto dropped 47% during the final game.

Meanwhile, traffic in the San Francisco Bay area was down by 18%.


Pornhub said that after the game ended, traffic in San Fran went up 8%, but as Toronto celebrated, the city’s traffic was -7% below average… BUT then it surged “an incredible +24% higher than normal at 1 am.”

Toronto is the 16th highest source of Pornhub Traffic, according to the site.

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But what’s more impressive, traffic across all of Canada was down by -31% in the final hour while the United States dropped by -10%. US traffic also increased by +6% after the game, and Canada’s traffic was +11% above normal levels at 1 am, Pornhub reported.


Right now, Pornhub’s daily visits exceed 100 million, and for those into geography AND porn, that’s as if the combined populations of Canada, Poland and Australia all visited Pornhub every single day.

And Canadians apparently do visit Pornhub daily. In fact, we visit Pornhub the 5th most of any country in the world.

So these dips in traffic literally represent millions of people turning away from porn to watch some live ball play.

Now that is some hard dedication.

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