Police respond to about 500 crashes in GTA in past 24 hours

Dec 2 2019, 3:33 pm

The worst of the snow may be over, but police are advising drivers they’re still in for a messy commute this Monday.

Following Sunday’s winter storm, which brought a mix of ice pellets, freezing rain, and snow to the region, OPP Sergeant Kerry Schmidt says officers responded to about 500 crashes in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) in the past 24-hours.

Schmidt said although salt trucks and snowplows have already been out in the region this morning, there is still a lot of snow buildup on roadways.

Because of this, Schmidt says motorists need to be mindful and exercise caution while driving on Monday, and to drive to the conditions.

Schmidt added that if you are involved in a crash and your vehicle is driveable, try to get off the highway as quickly as you can.

“If people are injured, attend to then call 911 and report what’s going on. Or, call *opp if you’re on a provincial highway,” said Schmidt.

He added that if you’re involved in a minor crash, or you hit the wall and you spin out of control and something happens, straighten out your vehicle if you can and assess the damage, and get off the highway.

However, if you do have to get out of your vehicle, do so with caution, said Schmidt.

With more snow on the forecast for Monday, make sure to stay safe out there and drive with caution.

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