You can take a stroll through a 30-foot plant tunnel at Union Station this week (PHOTOS)

Jan 21 2020, 4:56 pm

If you’re a regular visitor to downtown’s Union Station, you may have noticed a long green passageway where there was not one before. While strolling down this particular aisle is a much-needed break from the monochromatic shades of white snow, grey buildings, and leafless trees, it turns out this installation is the latest from Canadian cannabis company Aphria Inc.

The company is hoping to fight the seasonal blues by hosting what it calls a Plant Positivity Winter Garden.

This “pop-up greenhouse experience” features a 30-foot tunnel lined from stem to stern with a collection of cold-weather plants.

Aphria Inc.

“With shorter days, colder weather, holiday bills rolling in and back to work routines, our general well-being may be affected. And while most people recognize the positive role plants can play in supporting their active pursuit of wellness and improved quality of life, many don’t know how to incorporate them into their daily lives, especially in the winter,” says Tamara Macgregor, Aphria Inc.’s chief corporate affairs officer, in a release.

Aphria Inc.

The installation has been set up as part of a program the company has called “Plant Positivity,” aiming to teach passersby about the positive power of plants, and will remain at Union Station until January 20.

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