Shuttered Toronto Pickle Barrel is having a liquidation sale

Nov 6 2020, 7:01 pm

The Pickle Barrel is auctioning off hundreds of items from their recently closed Yonge and Dundas restaurant, and you can get kitchenware for less than $2.

The “short notice” auction for the 312 Yonge Street location was posted online by Haymach Canada on October 29 and runs until November 10.

Big-ticket items include a stainless steel refrigerator currently going for $460, a wine cooler for $400 and a 56″ TV for $280.

Everyday kitchen goods are being sold off for astonishingly low prices: current bids for frying pans are $1.00 for 10. With a set of 45 mugs going for $2.06 and 5 stainless steel teapots for $2.40, you can have the cheapest, and largest, tea party ever.

Or stock up for the second wave of COVID-19 with 15 rolls of commercial toilet paper for just $9.

The Pickle Barrel is also getting rid of unique items, like an industrial meat slicer (current bid: $195) and booth seating that no one has bid on just yet, and could be yours for $1.

Whether you’re mulling over the idea of starting your own restaurant, are in the market for a new coffee maker, or just want to relive the glory days of the last remaining downtown Pickle Barrel, the 800-lot auction makes for an interesting browse.

Just get your bids in before 11 am on November 10.

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