Peace Treats gourmet milkshake shop open in Peace Collective flagship

Sep 13 2016, 10:06 pm

Clearly you need more epic milkshakes in your life. Enter Peace Treats, the gourmet milkshake division of Peace Collective (they’re behind the “Toronto Vs. Everybody” shirts).

Peace Treats is operating as a counter inside Peace Collective’s new flagship on Ossington, and they just happen to be down the street from another ice cream shop Torontonians are verrrrrrry familiar with.

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Obviously no milkshake vying for your caloric intake and Instagram feed real estate need be plain or boring…vanilla if you will. So Peace Treats aims to really take milkshakes into new over-the-top territory, both in taste and looks.

“Every Milkshake is thoroughly thought out and designed for a visual experience that matches the taste,” they posit on their site. Oh, really?

With a reminder to “treat yo self,” Peace Treats shares their menu of wild milkshake creations, in addition to their roster of more readily accessible “classic” flavours (fine, you can get a vanilla shake here).

Here are their opening specialty shakes, which are priced at an equally epic $8.50 each:

  • Go Shawty It’s Your Birthday: Vanilla Milkshake topped with a slice of cake because every day should be your birthday
  • Big Pimpin’: Strawberry milkshake pimped out in candy. Welcome to the candy shop
  • D.R.E.A.M (Donuts rule everything around me): donut lovers dream. A vanilla milkshake topped with mini donut heaven
  • Amusement Park: a cotton candy milkshake stacked with even more cotton candy to make you feel like a kid again

Peace Treats says they’ll add more custom flavours and specials in the coming weeks. Just to get you primed, here are a few tempting shots from Instagram:

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Peace Treats

Address: 131 Ossington Avenue
Twitter: @peacetreatsco