'Disruptive' passenger upset over meal prompts 5 hour Air Canada flight delay

Mar 5 2019, 2:04 am

A passenger who was reportedly upset with the meal options (or lack thereof) on an Air Canada flight from Vancouver to Toronto caused a five-hour delay this weekend.

The incident is being dubbed #fishgate on social media.

A passenger on board the plane said the aircraft was forced to return to the gate after someone on board “didn’t get the meal he wanted.”

Making matters worse, the lengthy disruption meant that Air Canada had to find new pilots to be able to complete the journey from Vancouver to Toronto.

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In an email to Daily Hive, a spokesperson for Air Canada confirmed that the flight on Saturday was delayed to a “disruptive” passenger onboard.

“The flight was subsequently delayed approximately five hours to “recrew” the flight, as the original crew having had already operated other flights, were nearing their duty day limit,” the spokesperson said.

The plane did finally take off, sans unruly passenger, and other passengers on the flight were given “disruption vouchers,” as a result of the incident.

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