A mini park covered in flowers, trees has popped-up outside the CN Tower

Aug 25 2020, 1:30 pm

A mini pop-up park has sprung up outside the Toronto CN tower in part of an installation called “Pebbs and Hex,” designed by a Ryerson Urban Planning professor.

The park is made up of native trees and wildflowers such as a group of oaks, maples, cherries, poplars, willows, elms, and conifers, according to Victor Perez-Amado, assistant professor and project lead.

The wooden “pebbles” are made out of cedar, which is used as rounded seating and plant structures that hold the wildflowers.

Pebbs & Hex park

Remi Carrero/Pebbs and Hex

The pop-up park is an exploration of innovative design strategies that embrace adaptable furniture, participatory design, multi-generational place-making, material prototyping, and ecological restoration,” according to the project description.

“The project also re-envisions what urban green space can be through design and ecological innovation. It is an educational tree gallery, a ‘habitat’ that is an ecological ‘source’ and not a ‘sink.'”

Pebbs & Hex ryerson

Remi Carrero/Pebbs and Hex

As for lighting elements, they are solar-powered that move with the wind, placing an emphasis on innovative designs.

The kinetic lamps were created using tools and technology from the University of Toronto John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture and Design.

park pop up

Remi Carrero/Pebbs and Hex

The “hexes,” which are hexagonal planters, hold several Ontario native trees.

This pop-up park is only available for the summer outside the CN Tower until it finds a permanent home at Ryerson University.

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