Pamela Anderson surprises staff at Canadian restaurant

Feb 6 2023, 4:07 pm

Pamela Anderson has experienced a lot in her life, but now she can add another new Toronto restaurant to that list.

The famously Canadian former Baywatch star showed up at Gia over the weekend with her son Brandon Thomas Lee, surprising staff.

It makes sense that Anderson would head to Gia for a restaurant choice, as she’s been vegan for 30 years and has used her platform to promote animal rights. The restaurant serves a plant-based Italian menu.

Anderson showed up around 6:30 pm on Sunday night with an entourage of her son and his girlfriend, plus an HGTV executive and others for a total of seven guests sitting in a semi-private section.

It was Anderson’s first time dining at Gia, and she and her group had the all-vegan group dining menu plus extras and mocktails.

That included focaccia, olives, baby gem salad, meatballs, beet tartare, risotto Milanese, Rigatoni Salsiccia, Tonnarello al Tartufo with cashew butter and truffles, cauliflower, roasted squash, olive oil cake with buttercream and fig brulee, and affogato with Honey’s vegan ice cream. The mocktails were made with cold-pressed juice and Lark water.

“They were a pleasure to serve and it seemed like a business meeting. Needless to say, Pamela was extremely polite and gracious. After dinner, she complimented the food at which point Chef Francesco Spinelli asked if he could get a photo with her. She said of course,” Gia owner Jenny Coburn tells blogTO.

“Other than that I got her coat for her when she left, and again she was extremely polite.”

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