Food security "remains strong" in Ontario despite pandemic: OFA

Mar 17 2020, 5:28 pm

While Ontario continues to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, residents across the province have been swarming grocery stores in a panicked frenzy, hoping to stock up on whatever they can.

But the Ontario Federation of Agriculture is reassuring Ontarians about the safety and strength of the province’s food supply system.

“Despite consumer concerns with availability, Canadian and Ontario products continue to be produced, processed, and distributed through our food distribution networks across the province,” reads a statement released Tuesday.

“However, to help ease immediate short-term supply pressures, OFA is urging consumers to practice normal grocery buying habits with the assurance that fresh and processed products will continue to be made available.”

The call for normal shopping habits echoes the one made by government officials over the weekend, as shops across the province were filled with long lines and empty shelves.

“The food supply system in Ontario, and across Canada, is well equipped – even in times of crisis – to continue providing healthy, safe and affordable food,” the OFA said.

In fact, the system is so strong, that OFA President Keith Currie is telling residents that it isn’t necessary to cart boatloads of food home, surpassing your regular purchases by far.

“Consumers are understandably anxious about the uncertainty we are all facing, but one thing we want to do is quell their fears about food running out,” Currie said.

“There is no reason to hoard food. There is enough to feed us all.”

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