Ontario Medical Association launches public awareness campaign combatting vaccine myths

Apr 4 2019, 8:22 pm

The Ontario Medical Association (OMA) has launched an online public awareness campaign to combat the myths associated with vaccinations.

The campaign also warns of the consequences of not having routine vaccinations.

The OMA, which represents more than 40,000 practicing physicians, residents and medical students in the province, launched the awareness campaign through social media earlier this week.

The campaign highlights a number of vaccine facts including “you’re never too old to get vaccinated” and “if everyone stopped getting vaccinated, rare diseases today like polio and measles would come back quickly.”

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The awareness campaign comes as multiple measles cases were reported in Toronto and the surrounding region just last month.

On March 5, Toronto Public Health said an unvaccinated infant under 12 months of age had been exposed to the virus during a trip abroad.

Just six days later, Niagara Region Public Health warned of an adult traveller who acquired the measles while travelling outside of Canada and made their way through Toronto Pearson Airport.

And on March 30, Toronto Public Health said it was investigating a lab-confirmed case of the measles after an adult picked up the infection in another country.

An earlier poll conducted by Angus Reid found that 70% of Canadians were in support of mandatory vaccinations for school kids, 83% would vaccinate their children “without hesitation,” and 92% said that vaccinations are effective at protecting the overall community from diseases.