Oakville bans parking near beaches as COVID-19 precaution

May 6 2021, 4:01 pm

Anyone hoping to visit the beaches and lakefront parks in Oakville this spring and summer will have to do so on foot, as the town just banned parking on any adjacent roads.

The town of Oakville announced the ban on Wednesday, which will affect the roads near Bronte Beach, Coronation Park, and Tannery Park. The ban goes into effect May 15 and ends September 15.

Anyone caught parking on nearby roads with the intention of entering the parks will face a $100 fine. No parking signs will be in place to alert drivers of the ban and fine.

The move attempts to limit crowding at the parks and dissuade park-goers from getting into parks when lots are already full.

“We want people to enjoy our parks safely and responsibly,” said Mayor Rob Burton. “When parking lots are full, neighbouring streets are impacted, and overcrowding can occur. If the park is busy, please try another park in our town or come back at a different time.”

A report presented to the Town Council on April 26 recommended the ban as a means to “stop the spread of COVID-19 by limiting the number of vehicles parking.” Council then voted to approve the ban.

Parking permits will be made available to residents in Special Provision Areas near the Oakville beaches and parks to accommodate temporary parking needs.

According to the town, other enforcement measures are being considered to “ensure parks continue to be available and safe.” Further recommendations will be presented to Council at their May 25 meeting.

As the province is currently under a Stay-at-Home order, set to last until May 19, sports fields, tennis courts, basketball courts, skate parks, and baseball diamonds are closed at the parks.

Additionally, outdoor social gatherings are limited to members of the same household. Trails and paths, however, remain open for residents to walk, run, or cycle.

Laura HanrahanLaura Hanrahan

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