Toronto suburban cities saw some of the largest home price changes in North America: report

Feb 21 2019, 4:43 am

Mississauga is catching up to Toronto when it comes to home prices.

A new report by Point2Homes has found that Mississauga experienced the sixth highest home price change increase in North America over the last five-year period.

Since 2013, average home prices in the Toronto area suburban city of Mississauga changed from CAD$439,400 to $729,800 — an increase of 66%, and just $115,000 behind Toronto.

Comparatively, the city of Toronto itself came in at ninth, with a price change of +59% from $532,900 to $845,000 over the same period.

Hamilton and Seattle also saw the same rate of change as Mississauga, with Hamilton growing from CAD$296,122 to $492,226 and Seattle from USD$421,000 to USD$699,000.

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Just up north, Brampton saw a price change of +67%, from $371,700 to $619,500, earning it a fifth-place ranking.

West Coast cities of San Francisco (+69%; from USD$800,000 to $1.35 million) and Vancouver (+68%; from CAD$614,487 to CAD$1.032 million) ranked higher at third and fourth, respectively.

Canada’s capital ranked 74th; Ottawa recorded a 20% change from CAD$328,342 to $394,700. This is followed by Montreal at 75th, with its change of 18% from $295,859 to $348,700.

The Point2Homes report evaluated 83 large real estate markets in Canada, the United States, and Mexico, and 18 of those markets saw home prices jump by over 50% in the last five years. Of the markets with high growth, six are in Canada and 11 are in the United States.

The only two cities that experienced a drop in home price compared to five years ago are located in Alberta: Calgary (-1%; from CAD$418,673 to $413,900) and Edmonton (-1%; $323,897 to $319,200). Both cities are at the very bottom of the list.

The city that topped the list with the largest price change is Detroit, with a change of +97% from USD$31,185 to $61,328. 2018 was also the first time home prices in Detroit saw an increase in 17 years.

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