Three weeks of nearly zero sunshine turns Toronto dwellers into depressed vampires

Jan 13 2023, 11:05 pm

The Year of the Rabbit, also known as 2023, has started off with a monotonous blanket of grey, dreary, and almost lifeless skies for the sorry residents of Toronto.

If you’ve been feeling more depressed than usual lately, you’re not alone, my dear, seasonally-affected friend.

Our city has seen almost zero rays of sunshine for the last three weeks, turning our usual happy-go-lucky citizens (depending on who you ask) into day-walking vampires.

According to Toronto meteorologist Anthony Farnell, January has given us less than three hours of total sunshine.

Since before Christmas, Toronto has endured unstimulating grey skies from morning until night, for a grand total of 22 monochromatic days. Farnell claims the last day the city recorded under mostly-sunny conditions was way back on December 21.

This gigantic, colourless gap has left many of us in a terrible, never-ending state of misery.

Think I’m exaggerating?

Just type in “Toronto sunshine” on Twitter and you’ll see the sad commentary wash over your screen like a blanket of cloud cover.

While the temperatures are¬†unexpectedly mild (hello, climate change), I’m sure the majority of people would prefer cold, sunny days over mild, grey ones.

And with today’s snowy-rainy disposition, it’s only going to get worse before it gets better.

But a possible end is in sight, as Environment Canada says Sunday and Monday are our next opportunities to bask in sunny conditions.

If that doesn’t work out, we’ll have high hopes for either Saturday, January 21, or Tuesday, January 24, which have promises of sunshine, according to The Weather Network.

This depressing anomaly was last witnessed in January 2017, when the entire month of January only got 48.8 hours of total sun.

For now, it’s time to pull out the sunlight lamps and vitamin D supplements and think of the warm, sunshiney days ahead.

Just 66 more days until the start of spring.

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