Niagara Falls' frozen transformation continues to captivate (PHOTOS)

Jan 3 2018, 4:29 pm

Photos of frozen Niagara Falls are captivating audiences all over the world right now.

From Hong Kong to the UK, the Canadian version of a real life Narnia has been making headlines this winter. But this phenomenon isn’t new.

In fact, every winter, as temperatures dip below freezing in Ontario, Niagara Falls forms icy layers surrounded by snow, leaving the beautiful landscape that’s now been witnessed globally.

Courtesy of Niagara Falls Tourism

But the Falls aren’t at risk of fully freezing over.

“It doesn’t freeze fully because of the amount of water that’s coming down the falls. It will have ice, and a lot of ice around it, but based on the amount of water that’s going over it, it will never fully freeze over,” said Chris Greenhalgh, Marketing Manager at Niagara Falls Tourism

Greenhalgh said that this shows the different sides of Niagara Falls, which is usually a popular summer destination.

And this winter wonderland is just at the start of its season.

Courtesy of Niagara Falls Tourism

Nature’s icicle art is expected to last until April or May, according to Greenhalgh. “It depends on how cold it is,” he said. But even with above seasonal temperatures over a day or two, the ice will remain.

For those thinking of heading down to snap some winter images, Niagara Falls’ Winter Festival of Lights is also running until January 31. With over two million lights lit bright for Canada’s largest illumination festival, it adds spectacular colours to the frozen wonderland.

Just because it’s freezing out doesn’t mean it’s indoor season. Brave the cold at the Falls, it truly is an incredible winter (also very Canadian) adventure… and think of that Insta photo.

Courtesy of Niagara Falls Tourism

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