New site helps you easily find gifts your friends will actually like

Nov 13 2019, 7:43 pm

How many times have you caught yourself googling “unique gift ideas” or “gift for someone who likes cooking” only to find that the search results are unoriginal, not suited to the person’s personality, or something your giftee already has?

Scrolling for what seems like forever and not getting anywhere can be stressful and really overwhelming, not to mention time-consuming ‚ÄĒ especially when you’ve got a million other things on your to-do list., a new gifting website launching in the Greater Toronto Area, promises to make finding the perfect gift way easier.


The site works by helping gift-givers find quality gifts that people will¬†actually like.¬†Not only are the ideas tailored to the individual’s interests (food, travel, wine, you name it), but Thoughtfull even asks gift-givers how they want to make the giftee feel ‚ÄĒ¬†from adventurous and surprised to inspired and relaxed.

One of the ways they do this is through their Thoughtfull Assistant, which asks a series of simple questions and recommends curated Giftlists within seconds.

Each Giftlist consists of a selection of 15-30 highly-curated gift ideas, so the gift giver is never without inspiration, even if they’re not sure what their friend is into these days. Lists are categorized into themes like “Passport to Adventure,” “Keep Calm and Culinary On,” and “In Search of Bold Brews and Big Adventures,” so gift-givers can keep their inspiration organized.

Merchants on the site take customer service to another level by providing explanations on their gift selections. The explanations educate the gifter on why they specifically chose the unique product, based on the specified interests and emotions of the giftee.

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If the person on your list truly has everything, the site can provide you with “Gift of Time” ideas, too. Think gifting solutions that are experiences and not just material objects, such as recreating a magical meal.

The site even has super useful gift tips and tricks to take your gift over the edge, like how to wrap an odd-shaped gift, write a meaningful card, or make a custom wax seal. If your aim is to really impress, Thoughtfull sure knows how to make things special.

Known for leaving gift-buying to the last minute? If you’re especially strapped for time, their same-day gift service is also the ultimate save. Whether you totally forgot, or just remembered it’s someone’s birthday tonight, Thoughtfull can quickly jump on the case to help you find the perfect gift, with a wide variety of meaningful gifts available within a moment’s notice.

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Ultimately, Thoughtfull prioritizes the gift-giver’s connection with their giftee, aiming to make gifts memorable.¬†After all, no one wants to accumulate needless “stuff,” or heaven forbid, regift something they’ve received (gasp!)

Thoughtfull is officially launching in the GTA. Visit or follow them on Instagram to find the perfect gift and knock the socks off your next lucky gift recipient.

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