Canada's National Takeout Day aims to set record for most orders in a day

Apr 15 2021, 5:04 pm

It’s National Takeout Day, and that begs the question: What’s for dinner, Canada?

Today’s the day that Canadians across the country will try to set a record for the most takeout ordered in one day.

Canada Takeout is an organization dedicated to all things takeout across the country. It calls this day the “Stanley Cup of takeout challenges,” which aims to support local food and beverage businesses in cities all across the nation.

First introduced on April 15, 2020, this is the second year that National Takeout Day will be trending across the country and social media.

In order to help set a new national record, all you need to do is input your receipt in the tally.

Once you order your grub, you can upload your receipt to the Takeout Tracker by 11:59 pm on April 15 to make it count towards Canada’s Takeout Record.

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