20 of the world's most popular food movies ranked

Oct 20 2021, 9:16 pm

Sometimes the food in our favourite blockbuster hits looks so scrumptious, even if it’s animated. In a new study, it looks like those thoughts have lingered in the back of our minds for years, but the question still remains: which flick comes out on top as the world’s favourite food movie?

In a study by Maxima Kitchen Equipment, they found that Spirited Away, the 2001 animated movie produced by Studio Ghibli, comes in first place for the most popular movies with food, restaurants, or cooking as their main theme.

Its depiction of traditional Japanese food and gorgeous plated cuisine made it score the winning seat.

“It is fascinating to see that Spirited Away, regardless of time, is still the world’s favourite movie where food has such a central role,” said a spokesperson from Maxima Kitchens.

“In fact, Japanese cuisine steals the stage, with countless shots of beautiful and traditional dishes which makes you want to enter the screen to grab them. Between these and a beautifully told story, Spirited Away has the perfect recipe for success!”

And as you may have guessed, in second place is Disney’s Ratatouille. The story tells of a young rat named Remy who dreams of becoming a chef.

In third place is The Princess and the Frog, My Big Fat Greek Wedding is in fourth, and in fifth, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.

Check out the full list:

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Maxima Kitchen Equipment

The list was put together based on the film’s box-office profits, the number of average monthly Google searches it receives worldwide, and its IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes audience ratings.

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