Here are the most popular dog and cat names in Toronto

Dec 1 2021, 7:31 pm has released the most popular dog and cat names in Toronto for 2021, and while some have been on the list for awhile, trends show pet names shooting for the stars. is a website and app that connects dog and cat owners with pet sitters and dog walkers. Each year they round up the most popular pet names based on the names of their users’ pets.

What’s in a name? Well, a lot, actually! Naming your furry friend is always a fun task, and there are so many options to choose from. Whether you pick your favourite actor, food, musician, or place, keep in mind that you may one day be yelling it down the street for all your neighbours to hear.

So, what names did Torontonians choose for their pets this year? Let’s start with the dogs. Milo took the number one spot for male dogs in Toronto, while Luna was the top name for female dogs.

Leo, Charlie, Max, and Teddy came in second through fifth place for male dogs, according to A nod towards the trend of naming pets after people.

Pet owners were a bit more creative with their female dogs’ names, with Bella, Coco, Daisy, and Lola rounding out the top five.


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Cat names follow a similar trend of being common among people. According to, the number one name for male cats was Oliver, while the top name for female cats was Luna.

Oscar, Leo, Simba, and Finn were ranked from second to fifth place for male cat names, respectively. Female cat owners opted for Lola, Bella, Sophie, and Daisy.

How does Toronto compare to the rest of Canada? Pretty similarly, but one name is missing from the top spot for male pet names in the city: Charlie. Charlie is the top name for both male dogs and cats in the county.

While those are the top names for pets in the city, there are some trends that could change things up next year. Torontonians must look to the skies when searching for pet name inspiration, as Pluto saw an 808% increase in popularity.


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Other space-related names saw a big boost in popularity this year, too. Jupiter, Mars, Rover, Aries, and Comet all saw big jumps in dog names in Toronto.

Some people tried to solve their pandemic-related travel blues by naming their pets after popular destinations like Georgia, London, and Maui.

Not surprisingly, The Lion King has provided inspiration for pet names, with Simba and Nala remaining popular among Toronto dog owners. Both names cracked the top 10 for dog names in the city.

Cat owners tend to switch it up a bit more, and in 2021, the trending cat names are fruit-inspired. Names like Coconut, Berry, Pineapple, Lemon, and Fig are among the new names on the list in 2021.

And while they didn’t sneak into the top five in Toronto, the names of characters from the hit series Schitt’s Creek are still popular in Canada. Lots of Canadians named their cats Moira, and names like Mutt, Twyla, and David have been on an upward trend.

Did your pet’s name make the list?


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