This new PATH coffee shop is perfect for an on-the-go cup of joe (PHOTOS)

Jun 7 2019, 10:22 pm

When you’re zipping through the PATH on your way to the office, you don’t want to stop into a clogged up coffee shop for your morning cup.

Enter: Mos Mos. Newly opened in the concourse level of 65 Queen West, this grab-and-go morning drink spot is your new saving grace.

Designed for efficiency and offering a wide-range of options, you can count on everyone in the office being inspired if you arrive with one (or a few) of these drinks in tow.

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Kayla Gladysz / Daily Hive

Mos Mos serves classic brews like Americanos and Canadianos, that are sure to wake you up. And in addition to coffee, there are countless tea options, caffeinated and not, originating from across the globe.

If you’re feeling indecisive, the map on the wall will help you pick your poison. Just point out where you wish you were on vacation, and opt for whatever drink hails from that region.

Kayla Gladysz / Daily Hive

Once you’ve got a general idea of what you’re hankering for, a host will meet you beside the sticker-stand. Here, they’ll stick your cup with your drink of choice, and add an additional sticker for any alternative milk options you may opt for.

They’ll also take your name (and take the time to spell it correctly) before your cup is passed behind the counter to be filled with sweet, life-giving nectar.

Kayla Gladysz / Daily Hive

And seriously, the options for said nectar are no joke.

On top of 10 different types of coffee classics like lattes, cappuccinos, and mochas, we’re talkin’ taro and tiramisu lattes, plus seasonal options, too.

Above shows the Cardamom Chai and the Mango Chai: the first tastes like a warm hug while the second is what you’d drink on a rainy day in the tropics.

The Matcha is made with a blend of three powders, one of which is ceremonial. The depth of flavour is like a dance of soft energy on your tongue.

Needless to say, they’re all must-tries.

Kayla Gladysz / Daily Hive

Once your order is ready, it’s placed on pedestals on the space’s vast white countertop, which which is kitty-corner to the line where you place your order.

The L-shaped design means efficiency, with every opportunity to avoid congestion and the stress that comes with it.

Kayla Gladysz / Daily Hive

Speaking of avoiding stress… sometimes the morning calls for a little more than an energizing beverage.

If you’re one to get hangry in the AM, make sure you grab one of the delicious treats this spot is serving up.

Matcha and Taro cookies, blueberry and banana loaves, and mysterious chocolate mounds that are gluten-free and vegan are only some of the mouthwatering choices you have to start your day with.

Kayla Gladysz / Daily Hive

To celebrate their new home in the PATH, this Mos Mos location will be pouring free cups of brewed coffee all day on Monday, June 10.

So stop in, try a cup, and start your week on the right foot.

Your energy levels—and your tastebuds—will thank you.

Mos Mos Coffee

Address: 65 Queen Street West, Concourse Level


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