Toronto restaurant shares online-ordering service with other eateries

Mar 25 2020, 7:06 am

Toronto restaurants are turning to delivery and takeout in order to stay afloat during the COVID-19 pandemic, but not all small spots have an online system set up for a contactless operation.

Miss Thing’s, beloved downtown for its spicy eats and refreshing drinks, is helping those who are struggling with exactly that issue.

The Hawaiian spot recently set up a new website for its own takeout orders, and realized that other businesses would benefit from the service, too.

Now, the spot is offering to help other restaurants set up a similar site, free of charge.

“Many restaurants that are processing orders independently without food delivery partners are not always able to offer contactless payment. Having customers pay for orders in person upon pickup or receipt of delivery increases the risk of exposure for both staff and customers,” reads a post Miss Thing’s shared to Instagram.

“Our solution allows your customers to order from your menu and pay online in advance for pick up or independent delivery.”


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The post explains that the ordering app looks and works a lot like UberEats, but there is no commission. This means that all profits go directly to the restaurant offering the eats.

“Yes, this is very much like a Shopify for restaurants, and we would like to help provide this safer and more efficient solution for other restaurants if they’re interested,” Miss Thing’s said.

The spot is asking other restaurants and retailers who would like to get involved to send them a DM, or an email at [email protected]

“As this global health and economic crisis unfolds, it’s quickly becoming apparent that restaurants and small business teams and are going to need to adapt in order to survive.”