9 eco-friendly Toronto businesses you can support right now

Jul 16 2020, 9:09 am

“MINI Adventures” is a content series powered by the new all-electric MINI Cooper SE and Daily Hive, taking you on a virtual tour of eco-friendly and progressive businesses that you can support in your city. 

How we think about and approach shopping changes as we grow older. A pandemic can change one’s mindset pretty quickly, too, and prompt us to reconsider our needs as consumers.

At a time when there is much uncertainty in the world, many people want to support local businesses that align with their values and promote a greener future. We’re also more conscious of the impacts our purchases have on the planet and the carbon footprint they leave.

The choices we make today have the power to make tomorrow a more sustainable place in which to live. It could be as simple as where you do your grocery shopping or buy your jeans that makes a big impact.

Instead of focusing on the things you can’t control, think about what’s possible by supporting innovators in the local community. We’ve curated a list of eco-friendly businesses in Toronto to help you get started.

Unboxed Market


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The inspiration behind this zero waste, locally-sourced grocery store is eliminating unnecessary waste and deepening the connection people have with their food. Having grown up in rural areas, the owners both recognized the value in knowing where your food comes from, as well as the intrinsic link between food and family. Market-goers are expected to bring their own food containers, which means controlling the amount of product you want and saving money while getting rid of needless packaging.

Address: 1263 Dundas Street West
Instagram: @unboxedmarket



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Determined to put an end to child labour and create high quality and ethically produced clothing, Kotn offers everyday pieces made from sustainable Egyptian cotton. The Canadian fashion brand sources all of its fabrics directly from cotton farming families in Egypt, and its garments are fabricated by local craftspeople in a responsibly-run factory. You can also feel good about the fact that the retailer is equally committed to giving back to the local community by partnering with pro-literacy organizations in the Nile Delta.

Address: 754 Queen Street West
Instagram: @kotn

Evergreen Brick Works


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This industrial site turned urban green space is dedicated towards sustainability, education, and building cities of the future. Considered a hub of green design and outdoor learning, Brick Works is a place to enjoy markets, public art, and local events. While their public programs still remain suspended due to COVID-19, their Saturday Farmers Market and Evergreen Garden Market are now operating with takeaway boxes available for pickup on weekends. Keep an eye out for upcoming activities as they prepare to gradually and safely reopen in the near future.

Address: 550 Bayview Avenue
Instagram: @evergreen_brick_works

Steam Whistle Brewery


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Just about everyone in Toronto has gathered around a pint of beer at Steam Whistle’s Roundhouse factory at one point or another. The independent brewery was first dreamed up between friends on a canoe trip and remains dedicated to the natural landscapes that initially inspired its founders. A slew of green initiatives and sustainable practices, like using renewable power and employing waste diversion programs, go into making the beloved beer. While the brewery itself still remains off-limits, the beer-makers are currently offering free home delivery across Ontario.

Hogtown Vegan


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Minimizing or cutting animal by-products completely out of your diet can be both rewarding and challenging, which is why this gastropub is committed to providing you with your favourite pub fare, like chicken wings and tacos, without the crisis of conscience. Their patio recently reopened for semi-service dining and vegan indulgences still remain available for delivery.

Address: 382 College Street
Instagram: @hogtownvegan

Mama Loves You


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Buying second-hand or vintage is a great way to revamp your wardrobe in an eco-conscious way that steers clear of the environmental pitfalls of fast fashion. This boutique is owned by a mother-daughter duo and offers a wide range of vintage gems from the 1900s to the 1990s that are all considered their own little piece of fashion history.

Address: 541 Queen Street West
Instagram: @mamalovesyouvintage

Original Genes


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Repurposing used clothing is a powerful way of breathing new life onto second-hand items or old clothes lying around your closet. This local enterprise is in the business of customizing used garments with beautiful, hand-painted designs. Their range of customizable items allows people to personalize their wardrobe to reflect their own unique fashion sense. They also offer virtual paint night parties for those looking to learn the tricks of the trade.

Instagram: @originalgenes_to

Common Sort


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This Buy-Sell-Trade fashion resaler’s mission is to purposefully recycle and resell local garments to the community. Their carefully curated selection of fashionable items means buying trendy, modern brand names while circumventing the cycle of fast fashion (and saving money). The thrift shop is currently buying for summer by appointment only.

Address: 760 Queen Street East | 1414 Queen Street West | 444 Bloor Street West
Instagram: @commonsort

The Goods


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The philosophy behind this locally-sourced, zero-waste food purveyor is that food is the foundation of everything: family, culture, and community. So why not ensure that we have access to the nourishing food that makes us thrive? Menu items, like their smoothies and salad bowls, are vegan, organic, and made with healing properties. Ready-to-eat meals, pantry items, and meal kits are currently available for takeout and delivery.

Address: 279 Roncesvalles Avenue
Instagram: @thegoodisgood

Exploring Toronto’s most sustainable businesses is better when you know you’re making an impact before you set out to go shopping. Whether you’re heading out to collect something for pickup, or perusing the shelves at a safe distance, reaching each location in a vehicle like the new all-electric MINI Cooper SE lets you do this with low impact, zero emissions, and instant acceleration due to battery-powered driving technology.

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