Environment Canada forecasting a mild fall for Ontario

Sep 24 2020, 6:57 pm

Summer lovers rejoice. A pleasant seasonal announcement from Environment Canada is indicating that Ontario could experience a milder fall this year.

According to Gerald Cheng, a Warning Preparedness Meteorologist, a milder fall is expected in the province when looking at various seasonal models.

“From what I’ve seen, I think this is best representative of the signals indicated by the seasonal models. This is the answer I got too,” Cheng told Daily Hive.

However, he did want to put a disclaimer and say that because this is a seasonal predication the range being evaluated is fairly long at three months.

“A lot could happen in between that could change the forecast,” he said. “We need to take into account the data that we have right now. If you run it again today or next week this information could change.” 

And while seasonal models say it looks like its going to be a mild fall, the “new normal” with our daily temperature is gradually falling.

In Toronto, the average daily temperature is now 19°C compared to the mid-20°C range of the summer.

“There needs to be some adjustment to the new normal of the weather,” Cheng noted.

And when responding to the fluctuating nature of weather in Toronto—this weekend will feel like 32°C—he said that this is from warm air masts from the south and arctic air masses in the north “duking it out where we live” causing the up-and-down nature of the weather right now.

“Look forward to it if you like milder temperatures than normal. But it doesn’t mean there won’t be some cold stretches in the upcoming months.”

While it’s no surprise that the weather forecast should change and fluctuate, better take advantage of the milder weather while we have it. Park hangouts aren’t over yet.

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