McDonald's tests Beyond Meat burger at select Canadian locations

Sep 26 2019, 10:01 am

It’s the moment that vegans and vegetarians across the nation have been waiting for –McDonald’s Beyond Meat burger has been announced.

Starting on Monday, September 30, select Canadian locations will begin testing their very own Beyond Meat burger.

The flavour tests¬†will predominantly be across Southwestern Ontario, specifically in London with some locations in Sarnia, Tilsonburg, and Woodstock. According to¬†Michaela Charette, Head of Consumer Insights for McDonald’s¬†Canada,¬†that area was selected because it offers representations of the restaurant’s guests.

The test is meant to offer insight into what customers think of the product, what the in-restaurant experience is like, what it’s like for restaurant owners, operators, and crew to serve a Beyond Meat option.

As for what this means about a national launch,¬†Jeff Anderson, Chef for McDonald’s¬†Canada told Daily Hive, “it’s hard to say what’s next.”

Describing McDonald’s as a “test and learn company” that is “guest-obsessed,” the global fast-food restaurant said the test is here to serve as an opportunity to make decisions about next steps.

“McDonald’s¬†Canada¬†has a proud legacy of innovating across our menu and we’re excited that Canadians will be the first in the world to try the P.L.T.,” Anderson said in a release.¬†“We’re eager to hear what our customers love about the P.L.T. to help McDonald’s around the world better understand how a plant-based burger works in our restaurants.”

So while this test-run is exciting, there are no guarantees on where it will lead down the line.

“It’s hard to predict the future,” Anderson told Daily Hive.

Once the test does begin on September 30, it will run for 12 weeks across restaurants in Southwestern Ontario.

The sandwich will cost $6.49 plus tax, and it’ll be available in a classic combo, too. The main attraction of the sammy is a Beyond Meat patty that was crafted “by McDonald’s, for McDonald’s,” and offers the traditional golden arches taste that many have come to love.

We can attest to this because we got to try it.

Topped with mustard, mayo-style sauce, ketchup, pickles, onions, lettuce, tomato, and processed cheddar, and held between two Quarter Pounder buns, the sandwich is called the P.L.T.

That’s plants, lettuce, and tomato.

If you want to take it even further, order the sandwich without the cheese and mayo sauce, removing the dairy and egg component. However, the company can’t promise there’s no cross-contamination in the bun… so if you have allergies, do be wary.

Also take note that the patty is prepared on the same grill as other McDonald’s patties.

And while you may already be daydreaming about swapping Big Mac patties out with a couple of Beyond Meat ones, hold your horses. The only way to get this patty is by ordering the P.L.T. in full.

But, if you order two Beyond Meat burgers and a Big Mac, and do the swap yourself, well, we may just call yourself a genius.

McDonald's Beyond Meat burger

McDonald’s P.L.T.

As for where to snag one of these, if you find yourself in Southwestern Ontario, the following restaurants will be offering the¬†McDonald’s Beyond Meat burger.

200 Talbot Street West – Aylmer, Ontario
261 Main Street West – Exeter, Ontario
120 Thames Street North – Ingersoll, Ontario
1950 Dundas Street – London, Ontario
330 Clarke Road – London, Ontario
103 Fanshawe Park Road East – London, Ontario
959 Hamilton Road East – London, Ontario
1159 Highbury Avenue – London, Ontario
1205 Fanshawe Park Road West – London, Ontario
1280 Fanshawe Park Road West – London, Ontario
520 Oxford Street West – London, Ontario
1850 Oxford Street West – London, Ontario
1175 Wonderland Road – London, Ontario
385 Wellington Road South – London, Ontario
1074 Wellington Road South – London, Ontario
4350 Wellington Road South – London, Ontario
61 Oxford Street West – London, Ontario
462 Wharncliffe Road – London, Ontario
1105 Wellington Road South – London, Ontario
1033 Wonderland Road South – London, Ontario
411 Christina Street North – Sarnia, Ontario
1330 Exmouth Street – Sarnia, Ontario
1253 London & Murphy Road – Sarnia, Ontario
955 Talbot Street – St. Thomas, Ontario
269 Caradoc Street South – Strathroy, Ontario
170 Simcoe Street – Tillsonburg, Ontario
980 Dundas Street – Woodstock, Ontario
507 Norwich Avenue – Woodstock, Ontario

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