Someone in Markham is selling leftover party pizza in a garbage bag

Mar 28 2023, 7:50 pm

Budgeting for groceries has been a little extra tough these days, but are you hungry enough to buy some leftover party pizza in a garbage bag on Facebook Marketplace?

You can find a lot of things on Facebook’s buy-and-sell platform, but someone in Markham just took bartering online to new heights by trying to pawn off some old pizza that’s not even in a box.

Neil Sirrom isn’t necessarily one to take online posting too seriously. He once posted treehouses as bachelor rentals in a stunt that resulted in calls from real agents.

Now, he’s posting about pizza, but this time he’s totally serious.

“My daughter had her 4th birthday this weekend. My wife was concerned about there not being enough food. So now I have a plethora of pizza. My loss is your gain. Not really sure how to price it, 10 pepperoni slices, 5 cheese slices, 8 veggie slices,” reads Sirrom’s ad for “previously loved pizza” in Markham with a price of $20 listed.

“Willing to trade for a fresh medium meat lovers. Also open to trades. Greek or Chinese preferred (must have been purchased by Saturday at latest).”

He posted the ad in several buy-and-sell groups and actually got some legit offers in response.

“I have had all sorts of neat offers.¬†The top three¬†competitors have been a¬†Tim’s card with $6.41, second¬†a swap for Chinese food, and the third being six¬†two-for-one¬†A&W burger coupons and an unopened box of girl guide cookies – mint chocolate,” Sirrom tells blogTO.

As for the garbage bag, there’s actually a method to Sirrom’s madness.¬†Apparently, what it lacks in aesthetics, it makes up for in… logic?

“Garbage bags have great insulating properties, not to mention they are grease-proof. They¬†keep your pizza as fresh as any packaging. An old Italian secret my wife’s nonna taught me,” says Sirrom.

“Don’t judge a book by its cover, but always judge a pizza by its grease.”

As for just how greasy this particular pizza is, Sirrom is aware he’s selling what he calls a “less than a five-star product.”

“With the rising food prices in today’s economy, grocery bills almost doubling, I am just¬†one of the reasonable folks out here trying to make a fair deal and I am just happy to see there are others like me,” says Sirrom.

It seems he’s certainly met his match. Within a day, he chose to accept the offer of six two-for-one coupons and mint chocolate girl guide cookies.

In today’s economy, trades like coupons and cookies for garbage bags full of pizza or beef and potatoes for a haircut are becoming increasingly common, so if money is tight for you, it might be time to start getting creative.

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