Leafs fans react to the WHITEST damn uniforms they've ever seen

Mar 6 2018, 1:18 am

Not many teams in the National Hockey League have a more classic look than the Toronto Maple Leafs.

An original six team, their brand is iconic. So when their outdoor game against the Washington Capitals on Saturday came around, you knew they’d come up with something special to wear.

Boy, did they ever.

The Leafs created quite the stir online, as fans were greeted to the whitest damn uniforms they’ve ever seen.

Fans are used to seeing the Maple Leafs in white jerseys with white socks, but the white gloves and pants made for sensory overload for some given they play on, you know, WHITE ice.

It was like they were camouflaged into the ice for some.

Here are some of the best reactions online, starting with the hilarious negative ones:

Maybe it was hard for Leafs players to see each other, because they lost the game 5-2.

Not everyone hated the look though:

This summed it up best:

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