An Alice in Wonderland-inspired tea party is coming to Toronto (VIDEO)

May 30 2019, 1:28 pm

Get ready to peer through the looking-glass.

Because the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, an Alice in Wonderland-themed affair, is coming to Toronto.

This mysterious and mystical event will take you down a rabbit hole, as it’s said to transcend boundaries and your wildest imagination.

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Anticipate a traditional afternoon tea, made particularly whimsical.

Or, if you’re in for a more involved adventure, you can opt for The Mad Hatter Punch Party, offering “plenty of bottomless potions.”

Details on the exact date and time of the event are yet to be shared, but don’t fret. You can sign up for access to pre-release tickets here.

Until then, you can enjoy this sneak peek video of what’s to come…

Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

Details TBA