The Lyrid meteor shower is making an appearance over Toronto this weekend

Apr 22 2017, 5:36 pm

The skies over Toronto will light up this weekend as the annual Lyrid meteor shower will be making an appearance over the city.

According to the Weather Network, the Lyrid meteor shower occurs when the Earth passes through debris left behind from a comet called C/1861 G1 or Thatcher.

Although the best time to watch the meteor shower was during the early hours of Saturday morning, there is still a good chance you can catch a glimpse of the event tonight.

For the best view, you’ll have to get away from the bright city lights. So you may want to pack up some blankets and binoculars and head out to  “dark-sky sites.”

These are places the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada has designated to be the darkest spots in the country that are furthest away from light pollution. It’s a long drive out, but Point Pelee National Park or Bruce Peninsula National Park are probably the best places to be to catch the Lyrid meteor shower.

If you don’t want to make a trip out of the city, you’ll likely catch a peak of the meteor shower if the skies are clear. And, according to the Weather Network, Saturday night’s skies are expected to be cloudless.

So grab some snacks, a friend or two, and enjoy tonight’s light show!