One of Toronto's best fried chicken joints is opening a new tavern

Nov 7 2019, 7:02 am

There’s no question that Toronto has a fierce fried chicken scene, and Love Chix is undoubtedly at the top of the list for best spots to get some.

The eatery, located at 1588 Dupont Street and also available at Assembly Chef’s Hall, serves up fried chicken sammies, plates and loaded fries that have found a place as some of the city’s most satiating dishes.

And for those who know it and love it, something new is coming.

Love Chix / Instagram

From pasta to pancakes to crispy Brussels sprouts, the joint isn’t afraid to work on recipes that don’t revolve around fried chicken, too.

And that ability to sling a broader range of fierce dishes may be what inspired the choice for the eatery to open a new, different restaurant.

Love Chix / Instagram

The spot announced on Instagram that they’ll soon be opening a space called Century Park Tavern on Powerhouse Street, which is tucked away off of Lansdowne between Dupont and Davenport.

The tiny road is also home to a Balzac’s, which means that for a small space, it’s about to be offering some largely delicious eats.

“Putting our first vinyls up at the new location cannot be more excited to share this picture. Thanks for all the love and support from our guests and family – team love chix,” the crew captioned their Instagram post, which shows an image of the new spot’s front door.

Love Chix / Instagram

There’s no word yet on how much fried chicken will be available here, or what the other menu options are going to look like.

But based on Love Chix’s track record, we can already tell that whatever’s on deck, it’s going to be good.

Century Park Tavern

Address: Coming to 31 Powerhouse Street


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