Long Sault Parkway in Ontario is a gorgeous drive across 11 islands (PHOTOS)

Jun 5 2023, 3:02 pm

Long Sault Parkway might be one of the prettiest roads to drive across in Ontario, connecting a chain of 11 islands which are home to a fascinating and significant history.

Located west of Cornwall in the eastern part of the province, the seasonal parkway is open from the spring through fall, extending for 11 km over the St. Lawrence River.

Long Sault Parkway is more than just a road, however, it’s also an outdoor destination during the summer months, home to three waterfront campgrounds and sandy beaches, attracting runners, cyclists, photographers, and explorers alike.

The islands you see today were actually created during the construction of the St. Lawrence Seaway during the 1950s. The surrounding area was intentionally flooded to build the Moses-Saunders Power Dam, leaving behind only the highest points of land.

Several villages also once existed where the river now lies, which were relocated with the flooding. However, remnants of their history can still be found within the park.

Visitors can also explore the Lost Villages Museum on Long Sault, which showcases artifacts, photographs, and stories that depict the lives of the displaced communities.

Biking is a popular activity on the Long Sault Parkway, as the road is paved with a wide shoulder for cyclists. Along the way, there are plenty of picnic areas and benches to rest at and admire the view.

Paddling, boating, and fishing are also common along the St. Lawrence River. Visitors can rent a kayak or canoe directly in the park, and explore the river’s calm waters, hidden coves and inlets.

The area has two sandy beaches perfect for spending an afternoon at. Woodlands Beach is a popular picnic spot, and you may occasionally spot a nesting turtle. Mille Roches Beach is the larger of the two and has a range of amenities including a snack bar, campgrounds, and water sports activities.

If you’d like to camp on the parkway, there are three campgrounds to choose from. Reservations are required, which you can make on their website.

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