Toronto Loblaws accidentally left open on Easter Sunday

Apr 14 2020, 1:02 pm

Some Torontonians allegedly found more than eggs this past Easter Sunday, when the Loblaws in Forest Hill was left open accidentally.

David Marchione shared his report of the situation on Facebook.

He wrote in a post on Sunday that he had been strolling through his neighbourhood that morning when he noticed people exiting the Loblaws location with groceries.

Marchione opted to run in and grab some goods, but while shopping he noticed how eerily empty the store was. When he approached the checkouts, they were all closed.

He went to return the items to the shelves and reports a couple told him that they had just called the police to report the store being open, but empty.

“Turns out those people I saw with groceries literally shopped and left without paying like an episode of Supermarket Sweep,” Marchione wrote.

“They straight jacked Loblaws.”

Alongside Marchione’s Facebook post — which likens the store’s vibe to that of Zombieland — one Reddit user shared a video that shows the store in all its strange, empty glory.

Loblaws Easter Sunday on St. Clair – all employees missing from r/toronto

Loblaws confirmed to Daily Hive that they had “experienced an occurrence” at the Forest Hill Loblaws on Easter Sunday, while the store was technically closed for business.

“Unfortunately, closing protocols were not completed in entirety which resulted in a number of customers gaining access to our store,” the company said.

We are unable to comment further at this time.”

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