Little Caesars launches new Chicago-style deep dish pizza

Jun 7 2022, 8:48 pm

Little Caesars, home of the Hot-N-Ready pizza, just launched a new kind of pie for a limited time only.

Now available across Canada, the popular chain is serving up a new Chicago Style Pizza, loaded with toppings like Little Caesars house-made pizza sauce, 100% Canadian cheeses, pepperoni, Italian sausage, green peppers, and onions.

“We’re excited for Canadians to experience the depth, no pun intended, of flavour in this new Chicago Style offering,” said Jessica Foust, Director of Global Product Development & Menu Management at Little Caesars, in a press release.

This Chicago Style Pizza can be ordered across Canada, starting at $12.99.

If you’ve never tried Chicago-style pizza, you can expect a pie that’s cooked in a deep dish pan, with the edges of the dough pulled up along the sides of the dish giving them a tall, golden crust, and way more room to load it up with as many delicious ingredients as possible.

“With a traditional ‘Deep Dish’ pizza, you get full on the crust because of the way the dough is placed,” said Foust. “In developing this new offering our goal was to maximize flavour and fresh ingredients.

“Chicago Style pizza, layered with meat, sauce, veggies and cheese, built on a crust that’s thinner than a deep dish, means hungry Canadians will get full on delicious toppings instead of just the crust.”

This regional-inspired pizza won’t be around forever, so grab one and try it before it leaves forever.

Little Caesars


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