All the evidence that suggests Instafamous brat 'Lil Tay' is actually from Vancouver

May 7 2018, 11:32 pm

She goes by the “youngest flexer of the century,” she has 1.6 million followers on Instagram, and now it seems that social media brat star, Lil Tay, also has a Vancouver connection.

A post shared by Lil Tay 4 Prez 👑 (@liltay) on

A post shared by Lil Tay 4 Prez 👑 (@liltay) on

According to reports, the nine-year-old —who is known for throwing $100 bills on foreign cars, claiming her “toilet costs more than your rent,” and yelling profanity — is managed by her mother, who is allegedly Vancouver realtor, Angela Tian.

On Instagram, Lil Tay claims to live in the Hollywood Hills, but internet detectives decided to do some digging and messaged Lil Tay’s management. What they ended up with is a Vancouver-area number that belongs to Angela Tian, who works for Pacific Evergreen Realty.

Lil Tay

Angela Tian/ Pacific Evergreen Realty Ltd.

Tian can be seen in the background of videos with Lil Tay. The nine-year-old posted this rather uncomfortable looking short video clip on her Instagram with rapper Chief Keef.

A post shared by Lil Tay 4 Prez 👑 (@liltay) on

“I’m out here wearing Gucci from head-to-toe. Y’all can’t afford this sh*t. This sh*t costs your whole rent, b*tch,” says Lil Tay.

But a longer version of the same video posted on YouTube shows a woman, who looks like Tian, in the background. Daily Hive reached out to Tian for comment but has not heard back.

Lil Tay

YouTube/ Screenshot

There’s also more evidence linking Lil Tay to the mean streets of Vancouver. A now-deleted Instagram video (that has been uploaded to a fan account) shows the child walking around penthouse showing off her designer clothing and toilet.

A post shared by Lil Tay Bae 👑 (@liltay1.0) on

“Let me tell y’all something, this sh*t costs more than your rent, my toilet costs more than your rent, everything in my bathroom costs more than your rent,” she screeches.

Lil Tay then goes on to explain her rags to riches story, claiming she used to live in Atlanta and was “broke as hell.”

“But one day I woke up, I said to myself ‘I ain’t going to be broke no more.’  So I got up and started working hard, moving bricks, and now we be living in the Hills. See that view?” she asks, as she points to a beautiful oceanfront view.

The thing is, that view is not of the Hollywood Hills. Take a closer look and you’ll spot Vancouver’s skyline with the Burrard Street Bridge in the background.



Lil Tay

liltay1.0/ Instagram

We’re not entirely sure if Lil Tay and her mommy manager live in this apartment, or if it belongs to one of Tian’s clients. Clearly, there’s a lot more investigating to be done here. But the “youngest flexer of the century” does have a connection to Vancouver, and we’re not too sure we’re proud of that.

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