Driver caught speeding in rental Lamborghini lands $18,000 in fees

Aug 18 2021, 12:40 pm

A London, Ontario, man will face a larger bill than he bargained for after getting his rental Lamborghini was impounded because he was speeding.

Peel police caught the 28-year-old going 122 kilometres per hour in a 60 kilometre per hour zone, and impounded the vehicle for two weeks — during which time the man will have to continue paying the rental fee.

Police say he’ll end up owing $18,000 to the rental company.

The force shared a photo Tuesday of the lime green sports car getting mounted on a tow truck and taken away, along with a shot of the radar gun showing the excessive speed.

Police didn’t say whether the driver was ticketed or charged, but under Ontario’s new stunt driving laws a person can be charged for going 40 kilometres per hour or more above the speed limit in areas where the posted limit is 80 kilometres per hour or less.

Previously that charge was only available when drivers were going 50 kilometres per hour above the limit.

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