Pho restaurant flagged for 11 infractions by Toronto health officials

Apr 24 2023, 4:17 pm

A pho restaurant in Toronto was flagged by health inspectors this week after it racked up multiple infractions.

Lac Vien Vietnamese Restaurant, located at 141 Cartwright Avenue, received a conditional pass notice on April 21 after racking up a whopping 11 infractions, two of which were crucial, three significant, and six minor.

The restaurant serves an extensive menu full of traditional Vietnamese plates, including fresh rolls, egg noodle soups, vermicelli, and of course, pho.

The two crucial infractions involved failing to “ensure food handler in food premise washes hands as necessary to prevent contamination of food” and failing to “protect food from contamination or adulteration.”

One of the significant infractions was listed as “use food equipment not of sound and tight construction.”

Some of the minor infractions included “food premise not maintained with food-handling room in sanitary condition” and “food premise not maintained with clean floors in the food-handling room.”

The full list of infractions is available on the DineSafe website.

lac vien vietnamese restaurant

The list of infractions on DineSafe.

Despite racking up multiple infractions, the restaurant was granted a conditional pass notice from health inspectors and will remain open for in-person dining, delivery, and pickup while staff begin working through the highlighted concerns.

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