Create a one-of-a-kind KitKat at this new pop-up in Toronto

Nov 3 2021, 7:51 pm

KitKat fanatics are in for a real treat! Toronto’s Yorkdale Mall now has its own creator studio for custom KitKats, but only for a limited time.

Until November 13, the KitKat Chocolatory will be inviting shoppers to its KITKAT MADE 4 U creator studio to create a one-of-a-kind chocolate bar.

They’ll have the opportunity to choose up to three toppings from a list of 16 different ingredients like fierce freeze-dried strawberry, poetic mini pretzel, bubbly peanut butter chips, capable coconut, and so much more.

“KITKAT Chocolatory has always been synonymous with creativity, and we are excited to provide another creative outlet for chocolate-aficionados to express themselves,” said Katherine Choi, Marketing Manager at Nestlé.

“The MADE 4 U experience is all about being grateful to your muses and designing a personalized and perfectly curated sweet treat. KITKAT’s MADE 4 U creator studio is only at Yorkdale Shopping Centre for a limited time, so we encourage everyone to come enjoy the experience and bring your love of chocolate and creativity to the next level.”

There will also be a touchless booth for customers to record a video message if they plan to gift their chocolate creation.

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