Over $16K raised for employee who has worked at a Toronto KFC since 1975

Feb 8 2021, 9:10 pm

First impressions matter, and they can sometimes have a lifelong impact on us.

A Toronto KFC employee is now being recognized for her kindness after $16,000 was raised in an effort to give back and show support for her at this time.

Emilia has worked for the fast-food franchise since 1975 in the East York area, and according to Jason Schweitzer, the organizer of the GoFundMe, he and his mother would take walks over to their local KFC when he was little, and Emilia would be there to greet them and make him laugh.

“I always asked my mother, ‘Is the funny lady working today?'” said Schweitzer.

“Many of you from the community probably shared the good spirit she certainly sends out with a smile. As I grew a little older, there was moments when I haven’t visited KFC for some grub in sometime. She always remembered who I was, most likely many of us. Emilia shows courage and commitment.”

Schweitzer organized the GoFundMe to raise money for Emilia so that she is able to support herself at this time.

“Dedication, the joy she has brought to many faces. Giving back, not only giving back, but being able to do this for someone who has been outstanding over the numerous years of serving,” said Schweitzer.

“With the donations and goal set, she will be able to care for herself, pay bills, care for her health, rent/home payments, and to continue being an amazing person. We all have been dealing with the challenges of COVID-19 being difficult. Let’s all stay safe.”

At the time of writing, $16,810 has been raised for Emilia.

A little kindness doesn’t hurt anybody.

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