4 digital marketing moves every business can (and should) make in 2022

Jan 17 2022, 5:40 pm

In an increasingly online world, there’s no arguing that digital marketing is important — no matter the scale of your business.

But even though we know that digital marketing is important, it’s difficult to understand how to implement successful tactics. With constantly changing algorithms and the various factors of search engine optimization (SEO), social media, content marketing, website design and development — there are so many necessary components that make for a lot to stay on top of. 

So we spoke with expert Matthew Goulart — the founder of the award-winning digital marketing agency Ignite Digital — to learn some tips and tricks on what companies could do to better their digital marketing strategies.

Start by sourcing out the problem

The man behind the solutions, Goulart, says it’s all about SEO. “Search engine optimization is the largest playground in the schoolyard of marketing. If you aren’t playing in the Google search sandbox, your business is likely suffering.”

So to start by tackling the tip of the search engine iceberg, Ignite Digital offers a complimentary competitive analysis to provide valuable insight on how well a business is doing compared to its competitors. This gives the client, as well as Ignite Digital, valuable, free information. “If we can’t help an organization increase their SEO, we won’t onboard them as a client,” says Goulart. There’s a level of trust right off the bat. 

It’s also this free, no-risk custom quote that has helped Ignite Digital achieve an average client return on investment (ROI) rate of 302% and a 92% retention rate because they only work with companies they know they can help. 

Even if your company’s marketing platform is in good shape, Goulart believes there’s always room to improve. “We have [clients] who have onboarded with us that have a tremendous amount of resources and financial and staffing support that we still catch issues with the simplest items,” he tells Daily Hive. 

Utilize free tools and information

Goulart says that some of the most common mistakes Ignite Digital sees organizations make are using outdated SEO strategies that they believe are new, not tracking their results correctly, and not utilizing multi-channel strategies. 

“Google is continually evolving and its algorithm is constantly changing,” explains Goulart. “Staying current and implementing the proper SEO strategies is critically important to your organization.” 

Ignite Digital themselves offers an experienced team of in-house account managers and strategists who provide 24-hour management, so you always have someone to ask these questions.

As for tracking information, Goulart suggests using Google Analytics Goals, a straightforward, free tool for tracking marketing results, which can be combined with Call Tracking. “​​Organizations that want to generate leads or sales should be using Google Analytics Goals to find out where business is directly coming from; it’s open and transparent.” 

Goulart explains that with Google Analytics Goals you can track form fills on your website, and with the addition of Call Tracking to your report, you can find out what pages are generating the most calls — allowing you to focus on that page and generate more leads.

Another common mistake is not utilizing all of your business’s marketing channels. “Multi-channel strategies should be used together to help increase the overall business objectives those channels were looking to achieve,” says Goulart.

“As an example, if you have a billboard on a major road, add another marketing channel like Google Ads and Bing Ads.” As an agency, Ignite Digital is open to helping businesses with all marketing channels including SEO, Google Ads, Facebook/Instagram Ads, Bing Ads, and Youtube Ads. Plus, with their specialized Google Ads bidding algorithms, they’re confident in putting your business ahead of competitors.

Identify your core objective

According to Goulart, the main factor to focus on, regardless of your business type, is your objective. It’s all about identifying the core goals you have for your marketing, and once that’s established, it needs to be properly tracked and analyzed.

For example, the strategy to increase brand awareness will vary greatly from a strategy to increase online sales or leads. “Imagine a marketing channel generated $1M in profit but you didn’t track it,” says Goulart. “That marketing channel would have never received the credit, and most likely would have been terminated. While if it was tracked, most organizations would continue to invest in that marketing channel to help scale it.”

Give your website the TLC it needs

Goulart stresses that a business should be treating its website as “the core to all [of its] marketing initiatives.”

“Start with reviewing the website, this is the core to every marketing channel. It’s at the centre of everything a marketer does and your website needs to be a well-oiled machine,” he explains “If we can imagine a bike wheel, imagine it at the centre, everything connects to it and through it.”

Goulart suggests you start with the basics, which he explains are a Broken Link check, Google Website Core Vitals, Schema Checker, Website Speed Test, and an analysis of whether your call to action is effective to help increase your organization’s objectives.

If you’re looking to step up your marketing game, take advantage of one of the top growing Canadian companies of 2019, Ignite Digital’s free custom analysis here.

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