This company wants you to gift ethical, sustainable clothing this Christmas

Dec 5 2019, 5:48 pm

The holiday season is a matter of weeks away, and although it’s easy to get caught up in the hype and snap up a bunch of potential single-use gifts for family and friends, you don’t have to.

Over 35% of the projected 1.5 million metric tonnes of microplastics found in the ocean come from synthetic textiles. Think about this volume of waste and whether the people you’re buying these products will appreciate them or not. After all, what’s the point in gifting someone something they’re not going to love?

One sure way to know you’re on the right track is if you, too, see value in something. That’s the way we feel about gifting ethically-made, sustainable clothing. This year, get creative and meaningful with your gifting and give someone you love a natural wardrobe makeover.

New Zealand brand icebreaker has a full range of products made from luxury, merino fabrics that feel super soft against your skin and release fewer microfibers than mass-produced clothing. Best of all, they’re naturally biodegradable and replenish the earth as they break down. These are staples that will last years in your closet, not in a landfill.


Back in 1997, icebreaker became the first company to establish long-term contracts with key merino growers because they genuinely care about animal welfare and the environment. When you buy a product from the brand, you can rest assured knowing that the sheep felt good about making it, too.

Today, the brand’s dedication to natural fabric solutions is just as strong — over 84% of their fabric composition is natural fiber, with just 16% man-made. This means consumers can feel good about their wardrobe staples, whether they’re travelling the world or wearing the pieces to work.


Fun fact: icebreaker tees, loungewear, and mid-layers are made for more wear and fewer washes. Who doesn’t love a gift that means having to do less laundry? Plus, their underwear and socks are made to last with premium materials.

Sweater pants/icebreaker

In June, icebreaker partnered up with The Vortex Swim for a project that saw long-distance swimmer Ben Lecomte take on 350 nautical miles from Hawaii to San Francisco to raise awareness of the impact of ocean plastic pollution. During his journey, Lecomte swam eight hours a day through the Great Pacific Garbage patch, to research microplastics in the ocean.

The crew took samples every 30 to 50 nautical miles and dedicated time to analyse them over the course of three months. You’ll never believe that the findings revealed —  every single sample taken along the journey contained plastic.

A little change in how you shop goes a long way, and introducing someone you love to an ethical, sustainable clothing brand can help start a positive ripple effect for the planet.

For more information and to browse the full collection, visit icebreaker now.

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