How to apply for the $400 Ontario COVID-19 Child Benefit

May 3 2021, 4:14 pm

The Ontario government is now accepting applications for the $400 COVID-19 Child Benefit.

This new one-time government-funded payment of $400 per child up to Grade 12 (or $500 per child with special needs up to age 21) was brought in this year to help offset schooling costs during the pandemic.

The window for applications opened on Monday, May 3. Parents can submit applications until May 27, 2021.

Who should apply?

Parents or guardians of children who are in Grade 12 or younger are eligible for the $400 payment. So are parents of children with special needs up to age 21.

Grade 12 students who are 18 or older can apply on their own behalf and receive payment themselves.

Parents or guardians do not need to apply if they’ve already received the payment through the Support for Learners program. Family information from that program will be automatically transferred to the COVID-19 Child Benefit administration system, and parents should receive the $400 anytime after April 26.

What if I have more than one child?

Parents should submit one application per child and keep track of the confirmation numbers tied to each child’s application. Payments may come at different times for different children.

What information do I need?

Parents need to know the child’s full name, date of birth, the child’s nine-digit Ontario Education Number (found on the top of a child’s report card), and what type of schooling the child is enrolled in. Parents also need to submit their own name, address, and banking information.

How will I receive the $400?

Applicants can choose to receive their money via e-transfer, direct deposit, or cheque. The Ontario government says e-transfer is the fastest payment option. Recipients should get two emails — one with the money and another with a password to deposit it.

Where do I submit an application?

Via the Ontario government’s website.

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