A portion of High Park's cherry blossoms are already in peak bloom

May 10 2019, 8:46 pm

The old saying “good thing’s come to those who wait,” couldn’t be truer when it comes to High Park’s beautiful cherry blossoms.

Because after waiting for what feels like forever, a portion of the fleeting ephemeral buds are now in peak bloom.

According to Sakura in High Park’s latest update, the park trees are currently showing varying degrees of open blossoms.

Some areas in the park have trees with nearly half of their flowers open, while some buds have barely started to bloom.

In other words, only 25% of the park’s cherry blossoms have reached peak bloom.


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With more rain in the forecast over the coming days, Sakura in High Park says there is a threat that heavy rain and wind could knock down any open cherry blossoms.

“If the rain is persistent, and we don’t get the sun promised, then that could see the trees hit the coveted 70% full point toward the latter half of the predicted peak bloom dates which I still predict will occur between May 10-15,” reads the update.

If you’re planning on visiting the park this weekend, just remember High Park is closed to all non-essential vehicles 24 hours a day during the peak bloom.

Motorists can expect delays in the area and should consider alternate methods of transportation when visiting High Park.

Alternatively, there are multiple locations throughout the city where you can also check out cherry blossoms in peak bloom.

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