The Harry Potter-themed restaurant near Toronto just announced its opening date

Mar 1 2019, 11:03 pm

TheĀ wizarding worldĀ isĀ taking overĀ very, very soon.

Conjurers of magic have yet another Harry Potter-inspired space to look forward to: this time, a brunch restaurant opening up in Guelph.

Just an hourā€™s drive from Toronto, Lumus and Nox has announced that they’ll be grand opening mid-March, either the 18 or the 19, as long as everything goes as planned.

And even before that, they’ll be holding a soft-open over March Break.

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The spot shared all the details of their plans for the next few weeks in a post on Facebook early today.

The post cites being all done inspections, still needing a sign, and wanting to get guests’ opinions on menu items.

And they’re still taking suggestions on waffle-topping ideas.

Lumus and Nox

Where:Ā 105 Wyndham Street North, Guelph, Ontario
When: Grand Opening March 18/19, 2019
Phone:Ā 519-362-5756


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