Here's where you can order hard liquor for delivery in Toronto

Apr 17 2020, 1:21 pm

You’ve been cooped up at home for several weeks now — if your liquor cabinet is looking a little dry, that’s totally fair.

It’s also fair that you may want to steer clear of the LCBO, open as they may be, if only to avoid waiting in a long (read: loonngggg) line.

Luckily, plenty of distilleries across the province are offering home delivery, which means you can stock back up without leaving the house.

Here’s where you can order hard liquor from for Toronto delivery:

Dairy Distillery

Try something new from this Almonte plant, where unused milk sugars are utilized to produce spirits, which come in a cool old-fashioned milk jug.

Website | Instagram

Dillon’s Distillery

This spot’s site is offering pre-made negronis right now, because otherwise, the distillery is focused on producing hand sanitizer. But honestly… pre-made negronis are great.

Website | Instagram

Copperhead Distillery and Spirits Ltd.

This local producer is offering free shipping on orders over $60, all across Ontario. A couple bottles should get you to that minimum, no problem.

Website | Instagram

Junction 56 Distillery

Justin Bieber’s not the only Canadian gem that hails from Stratford, Ontario. Stock up on straight-up flavourful goods from this spot, not too far from Toronto.

Website | Instagram

Kinsip House of Fine Spirits

This distillery is offering free courier shipping on orders over $50. The spirits will have you feeling good, whereas the bottles will be looking good sitting on your shelf.

Website | Instagram

Last Straw Distillery

If being “stuck” at home is making every little thing feel like the last straw, enjoy a drink from this spot on the rocks and remind yourself that you’re not stuck inside, but safe inside.

Website | Instagram

Wayne Gretzky Estates

Offering free shipping all across Ontario, you can order everything from spirits to wine and beer from this Niagara-area namesake.

Website | Instagram

Wolfhead Distillery

With whisky offerings ranging in flavour from apple caramel to cinnamon to coffee, we won’t judge you if you opt to spike your morning cup of joe.

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