2016 Holiday Gift Guide: 8 gifts for Torontonians celebrating Hannukah

Dec 6 2016, 8:28 pm

What’s on your j’wishlist for this Hannukah this season?

Whether you’re looking to bolster eight days worth of presents for the mishpacha or you’re a shiksa trying to impress your BF’s mom (best of luck there), these holiday gifts and festive treats are sure to light up someone’s holiday season.

Here are eight great gifts and treats for Torontonians celebrating Hannukah.

Hexagon Brass Candlestick Holder Set


Drake General Store

This modern menorah was designed in-house and is exclusive to the Drake General Store. The geometric candlesticks would look great on any mantle.

Where to buy: Drake General Store
Price: $78.00

Beeswax Candles


Noble & Co. Candles

Hand-rolled, all-Canadian beeswax candles look elegant au naturel but also come in a few different festive colours.

Where to buy: Etsy
Price: $35




Latkes are not gift-worthy you say? Mishegas. The fried potato pancakes are indeed delicious and really not all that hard to make, but holy h’, getting the scent of cooking oil out of curtains in a tiny condo is something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemies. Gift away.

Where to buy: Caplanksy’s, 356 College Street, Toronto; 156 Cumberland Avenue, Toronto
Price: $5 per order

Cards Against Humanity Jew Pack

hannukah toronto jewish holiday

Cards Against Humanity

TIL: 100% of the Cards Against Humanity writers are Jewish. Zero surprise. This 30-card expansion pack will easily Jew-it-up enough that maybe even your Zaidy will play with you.

Where to buy: Snakes & Lattes, 489 College Street, Toronto; 600 Bloor Street West, Toronto; Holiday pop-up at 581 Mount Plesant Road, Toronto
Price: $7

Gelt Covered Cakes


Phipps Bakery

In a city where all this good stuff might tempt you to convert, these gelt-adorned cakes will solidify your faith. The bakery on Eglinton is stocked with an impressive assortment of festivus cakes for the rest of us.

Where to buy: Phipps, 420 Eglinton Avenue West, Toronto
Price: $33.99 to $58.99

Ugly Hanukkah Sweaters



This not-all-that ugly crewneck sweatshirt is screen printed in Montreal and illustrates all the celebratory essentials that this holiday entails… except doughnuts. It could use some doughnuts.

Where to buy: Etsy
Price: $33.93



My Zaidy’s Bakery/Facebook

Sugar dusted doughnuts filled with jelly are the official dessert of Hannukah. Get them at this Thornhill bakery where you’ll find flavours like raspberry, caramel, chocolate, and custard.

Where to buy: My Zaidy’s Bakery, 7241 Bathurst Street, Thornhill
Price: $1.85 to $1.95 each



The Spice Trader

The whole story of Hannukah centres around the sacred oil which miraculously kept the temple lit for eight days when there was only enough to last one (hence all the deep fried foods). A gift set of flavoured olive oils is my go-to gift because it celebrates the season but will also be appreciated year-round.

Where to buy: The Spice Trader, 877 Queen Street West, Toronto
Price: $16.50

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