Popular fall hiking trail requires reservations before visiting

Oct 27 2020, 8:20 pm

Hamilton’s Dundas Peak is cutting back on large crowds and has now implemented two-hour time slots for visitors to reserve.

Due to the pandemic, and the look out spot’s popularity, the Hamilton Conservation Authority will be continuing the use of reserved time slots until November 15 for Dundas Peak & Tew Falls and Webster Falls.

This includes all visitors, as well as placeholders. Reservations must be made prior to arriving.

“This change to a mandatory reservation will manage visitor numbers and will assist with physical distancing and provide a safe and enjoyable visit,” said the HCA.

“It will also allow visitors to travel with the peace of mind, knowing that their parking space is held for them.”

Reservations must be made up to a week before your visit and up to 8 pm the night before your planned visit. Same-day reservations are not allowed so spontaneous trips are out of the picture.

Reservation times start at 9 am and last for two hours, 12 pm and 3 pm.

The Credit Valley Conservation reopened The Cheltenham Badlands last month and also implemented reservations for those wanting to visit.

“Arrival times will be staggered in 15 minute intervals. This system will be in place seven days a week, both weekdays and weekends, until November 15, 2020,” said the HCA.

Pricing comes to about $20 for a vehicle and an extra $5 per person.

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