These are the spookiest Halloween eats to try in Toronto this week

Oct 28 2019, 4:05 pm

It’s the spookiest time of the year, Toronto! Which means it’s high time to indulge in some Halloween foods.

As the final day of October draws nearer, the city is getting more and more creepy. And if you’re looking to lean into the seasonal celebrations by enjoying some limited-edition eats, this is your guide.

Here’s where to enjoy Halloween-themed-eats in Toronto this week:

Blood Bag Tea

The Alley Canada / Instagram

The Antler DNA Blood Bag is creepily real-looking… but, because we arenā€™t inĀ True Blood, this offering is, of course, not actually blood. Itā€™s made of jasmine green tea with a grape blend. Drink up!

Where:Ā The Alley – 5 Joseph Street; 621 Bloor Street West; 382 Yonge Street, Unit 1
When:Ā Until October 31


Pumpkin Seed Chocolate Skulls

@chocosoltraders / Instagram

Satisfy your sweet cravings this season with Halloween bites from Chocosol. Moulded to look like skulls, these treats are a double-seasonal-whammy, featuring the shop’s sweet candied pumpkin seeds.

Where:Ā Chocosol Storefront – 1131 St. Clair Avenue West
When:Ā Available now, while supplies last


Pennywise Ramen

@jaymiethefoodie / Instagram

Kinton Ramen locations across the city are serving up the Pennywise ramen, only until Halloween. Offered at $15.95, the dish is made with pork miso broth, thick noodles, beansprouts, pork belly, seasoned egg, takoyaki, garlic oil, hot sauce, nori, and shredded red pepper, placed into the bowl in a way that’s reminiscent of the creepiest of clowns.Ā 

Where:Ā Kinton Ramen locations across Toronto
When:Ā Until October 31


Head Shots

Storm Crow Manor

The city’s nerd bar is, of course, throwing a Halloween bash on the 31. And as part of the celebrations, you’ll be able to take shots out of a jar of alcohol that’s on double-duty — it’s there to quench your thirst,Ā and to preserve a head. We’re not sure it gets any spookier than that. And if drinking out of a jar shared with a pickled head is a little too much for you to stomach, you can opt for aĀ PiƱa Skullada instead. The drink is made with Kraken Rum and is served in a bubbling skull. Still spooky, but maybe won’t turn your tummy the same way.

Where:Ā Storm Crow Manor ā€“Ā 580 Church Street
When:Ā October 31 from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm, during the spot’s Halloween celebrations


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