'Canada's first 100% vegan fast food drive-thru' opening Toronto location

Jul 26 2019, 1:07 pm

It’s a good week for the plant-based crowd.

First, Tim Hortons decided to bring ‘vegan eggs‘ into test-mode at some of their stores across Toronto.

And now, Globally Local, the country’s “first vegan drive-thru,” has announced it’ll soon be opening up shop in the city.

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The eatery, originally from London, Ontario, shared the news on Instagram.

“We are super excited to announce that our Toronto location is opening this Summer – located at 492 College St (near Bathurst),” reads the post’s caption.


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The spot’s menu is vast, offering everything from breakfast sandwiches to takes on crispy “chicken” sandwiches and mock Big Macs… and it’s all totally free of animal products.


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So whether you’re hankering to cure a hangover, or just want to fill up on a carby and indulgent midday meal, this new spot is sure to meet your needs.


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Considering the downtown location, it’s not yet clear if this branch of the eatery will offer the same drive-thru style of service that it’s famous for in London.

But even if not, the quick-service style will remain the same.

So while Tim Hortons is definitely pulling out all the stops in terms of plant-based meal options, some stiff competition for quick-access vegan bites is about to drop into town.


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Globally Local

Address: Coming to 492 College Street